How to Assign VM to Specific User(s) in vCloud Director

 As an Organization Administrator in Krypt vCloud Director, you can create and manage the VMs that are located in your organization.

 You can also set each VM to different users in your organization in order for them to access their VM in the web console.

 In this KB, we will guide you step by step on how to share the VM to some specific user(s). 

1. Connect to your vCloud Organization page.
    If you have trouble connecting, please refer to KB article:How to Connect to your vCloud Organization page.
 2. Make sure that the user had previously been created.
    If such user has not be created, please refer to KB article: How to Create Users in Krypt vCloud Director

  3. Under "My Cloud", click "vApps", and right click on the VM you want to share, and choose "Share"

vCloud Director

 4. Under "Sharing", click "Add Members..", choose "Specific users and groups", choose the user, and click "Add", Set the "Access level", and click "OK". and click "OK" again.

vCloud Director

5. You have now finish sharing the VM to a user. That specific user can now login and access their VM using the web console by themselves now.